July 29, 2022

Vortex combustion

Freedom to choose the optimal fuel without loss in performance

Having analyzed the situation on the biofuel market, we can conclude that agricultural waste is the most economical and affordable fuel today. With them, the cost of drying is almost twice as cheap as with sunflower pellets.

But not all heat generators can work effectively on this fuel. The technology of layer burning with the help of a grate does not guarantee uniform burning of biomass and prevention of the formation of emissions of chemically active and harmful compounds. This applies not only to agricultural waste, but also to other types of unprepared fuel, for example, corn grain, etc.

Fortunately, the vortex combustion technology, based on the physical and chemical principles of burning solid carbohydrates, has long been developed and time-tested.

Vortex burners guarantee uniform combustion of agricultural waste and stable operation on any biofuel with 100% productivity. And they also guarantee compliance with environmental standards for the release of chemically active compounds.

The heat generator, which works on the technology of vortex combustion, provides the opportunity to work with different types of fuel, from pellets to chips and various types of agricultural waste. This will significantly improve flexibility in the choice of fuel and will allow you to remain competitive on the market even in today's unpredictable realities.