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Feb. 20, 2024
The future is already today: how the TEFF company is revolutionizing the heating industry through innovative technologies

Alternative thermal energy for production is the use of such renewable energy sources, which differ from traditional, fossil hydrocarbons such as coal, oil and natural gas.

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Feb. 15, 2024
Yurii Farenyuk's speech at the AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT in Kiev, 02.02.2024

Subject of the presentation: "Recycling-Profits. Strategy for the recovery of power opportunities." Main idea: Use your agricultural inputs and don’t waste your money on purchasing firewood for dry grain consumption!

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Feb. 12, 2024
"Ukraine has a powerful base for using biomass as fuel for its own needs" - Director of "Teff" Y. V. Fareniuk.

Director Teff Fareniuk-Ukraine has a strong base in the use of biomass as fuel for its own needs.

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Utilization is profit.
Feb. 6, 2024
AGRO Ukraine Summit 2024 ended in Kyiv

AGRO Ukraine Summit 2024 ended on February 2 in Kyiv, at the Golf Center "Kyiv". At the summit, director of the teff Yurii Farenyuk spoke as a speaker, as part of an expert panel discussion: "Effective solutions in grain storage and drying". Topic of the report: "Utilization-Profit. The strategy of using one's own capabilities."

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Jan. 15, 2024

The efficient use of the planet's fossil hydrocarbon resources and the application of eco-friendly technologies are the current global trends

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July 14, 2022
100s heater

The 100th anniversary burner went to the customer

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July 1, 2022
Vortex combustion

Freedom to choose the optimal fuel without loss in performance

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Nov. 19, 2021
How to dry to save incomes

How to independently provide fuel for your farm? What fuel is the cheapest and available on the market?

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